Speciesists Say the Darndest Things: But Nature is Crueler!

Speciesism (discrimination on the basis of species) is wrong because, like sexism, racism, and other forms of irrational prejudice, it uses an irrelevant criterion (in this case, species) to devalue certain sentient beings.

In this section, we (non-violently) rip apart your silly arguments in favour of species discrimination.

(Image Courtesy of Emmy James)

Once upon a time, a speciesist said to me…

“You seem to forget that animals in the wild don’t get to live without eventually being eaten. I look at it this way: at least domesticated animals are raised properly and live a decent life before they are eaten. It’s far better than what they would get in the wild.”

Perhaps we should still keep humans as slaves as well. There’s a possibility they could get killed in a natural disaster if we don’t!

The thing is, domesticated animals are owned by us. They don’t have a choice as to how long they live for or what happens to their babies. They can’t even raise their babies. We are in control of them and every aspect of their lives. They are, in effect, our slaves.

Even though there is a chance that a predator might eat them in the wild (not all ‘wild’ [or free-roaming] herbivores end up getting eaten), they get to be in control of their lives. They can raise families without the pain of losing a baby after every birth. They can live without the stress of moving to other herds and never seeing their friends and family again. They live for as long as nature intends them to live, on their own terms, rather than living and dying on our terms. Undomesticated, they are free. At the end of the day, slaves that are treated well by their slave-owners are still property. I would much rather be in control of my own life, than have another control it nicely. That’s why I, and many others, are working to abolish the property status of animals. Their lives are just as valuable to them, as ours are to us.

~Emmy James

Emmy James is a vegan from New Zealand. You can find her at her personal blog, Peaceful Abolitionist.


  1. Of course, livestock animals in factory farms have much, much more tortured lives than animals in the wild.

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